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Originally Posted by Gideon Jeremiah View Post
Gideon Jeremiah

2 Partner Pokèmon:
Flygon & Altaria (Flygon has been a staple in my team, ever since I caught my 4th Gen III Pokèmon [A Trapinch] & Altaria honestly just looks like a giant pillow that happens to be a dragon.)

Why have you chosen to become a Dragon tamer?:
I simply adore Pokèmon, & I find that the dragons are immensely interesting, due to their fusion of classical Eastern & Western design concepts.

Current topic (what is the perfect Dragon Pokèmon?):
Flygon & Garchomp. They form a fantastic team, in my opinion.
Welcome to the club!

So like, what exactly makes Flygon and Garchomp perfect for you? Is it both of them seperately or a combination of their qualities? I do believe Garchomp is also one of the fiercer looking dragons along with Hydreigon, Salamence, and Druddigon.