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I'm really surprised by the statements of some people here, guess we all have our strengths and weaknesses when playing...

Charizard for example. I would never rank him among the worst starters. I just finished a FRLG playthrough and he was probably my most dependable Pokémon. High Special Attack and Flamethrower mowed through opponents easily. I'd say that, once you get past Misty (which is easy with a Pikachu/Gloom/Weepinbell), it's smooth sailing with Charizard, even more so than Venusaur, which may have a type advantage against most gyms, but suffers a lot in certain points of the game (like Pokémon Tower and Silph Co.) and doesn't have many good offensive moves. For general trainer beating, Charizard is superior to both Venusaur and Blastoise.

Charizard was also really helpful against the E4. When I needed generally strong firepower (no pun intended), he did the job well, and with Dragon Claw learned through TM, he was really good against Lance.

He used to be crap in RGBY, because of low Special, but the 2nd gen Special split did wonders to Charizard, until Stealth Rock came along to ruin his usability. Still a strong force for in-game use, though. Learns lots of interesting moves, and is generally a powerful attacker.

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