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I've made it to Nimbasa City and as of right now , this is my team:
(lv. 22 Name:Cirno, yes after our NU/W admin. Reminded me of her username on several other forums)
(lv. 24 Name: Satchel, after an Umbreon I have in White)
(lv. 23, Name:Riley)
(lv. 22, Name:Irwin)
(lv. 6 in training to be my Surfer) (Name: Miho. A cookie for anyone who knows the reference.)

I'm wanting to replace Azuril once it evolves with a Rufflet that I'll hatch from an egg from White. Rufflet with be my Flyer and Azumaril will be switched with Sandile when Surf is needed. Or I'll just replace Sandile with Azumaril which I really don't want to but I don't know.

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