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Originally Posted by ImSoAwesome View Post
Can someone help me out? im at the Cave of Wisdom and i read the sign & fall thought the hle then when i go to challenge the 1st statue all music stops the pokemon om the statie doesnt match the one i fight and when i beat it the game freezes i cant move or do anything at all
Originally Posted by linkandzelda View Post

~Bugs & Glitches~

We make a huge effort to document and fix all reported bugs at some point during development. We can't do that if people don't report them, so here is how to correctly report a bug:

Use the form below as an example:

The current build can be found on the Introduction Text when you begin a new game, on the first page at the bottom. It's important that we get as much information as possible in as easy to read format as possible so we can fix it and release as soon as possible. Here's how not to report a bug:

hi am playing pkmn liquid crystala nd my starer ail not evovle what do i do i realy want t play more plz help me!
I felt that the request for help deserved this response. The request is very nearly unintelligible (I had to read it more than once to make sure I got the correct gist of it).

If you make your bug reports hard to understand, fail to follow basic sentence structure and grammar, and/or flood it with unnecessary smilies, how do you expect us to do anything about it?
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