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Lucy - Mt. Coronet —> Eterna City Ruins Outskirts
Lucy would find your actions a little traumatizing if she could see them, Kotowa. Just a little.

Lucy made steady progress unwilling to slow down. However, she did take notice of Amethyst reaching for her hand and took it into her own, a familiarly firm grip. She seemed tense however. "...I don't know that there's anyone left to help." she said in a grim tone. There was murder. That happened /every day/. Lucy had seen it and she'd even committed if from time to time. Then there was exterminating the population of an entire city. That was not something that happened every day. Humanity couldn't survive attacks like that! ...Could they? But who would be mass-exterminating humans, especially a city with much more than just adults in it like Eterna?

This didn't make sense, but somehow she knew it had to be related to a wielder. A regular human would need massive numbers to get the same effect.

As they made their way back down the mountain Lucy remained tense. Why did she want to go to Eterna City then? Perhaps she simply sought confirmation. Had it really happened? She almost wanted to believe she was wrong, but how could she be? They would walk for quite some time before they finally came into view of the city, or what remained of it. Lucy narrowed her eyes. She smelled death, and there was almost nothing to be seen from this distance but rubble.

She finally stopped, unsure if she wanted to continue on towards the city. She was almost certain she knew from right there. She wanted to say something, but found herself at a loss for words. Frustration filled her expression. Taking a deep breath, she began to settle with herself what she wanted to do.

And then she had this odd gut feeling—No, an actual weird feeling in her stomach. Her gaze shifted down to her stomach rather quickly as the sensation got stronger as if trying to spot something violating her personal space. And... something was, from inside her. Lucy's stomach abruptly bulged outwards for no visually apparent reason, and she just sort of made this rather offended expression all like 'What the distortion world, man?!'. After all, /seriously/—What in the name of Arceus had just happened?! Reaching down she gingerly poked her stomach, only to feel a sharp push from within in response.

"Um... I think someone just... /really/ messed up their teleport." she explained in an ever so slightly freaked out tone, anticipating the obvious question that may or may not have been on the other two's minds. Yes, even Lucy was a bit freaked out by this. Eating people was one thing, but having your stomach spontaneously invaded was another. She gingerly poked her stomach again in a testy manner, trying to decide whether letting whatever poor sap had just made such a hilarious mistake out was a good idea. I mean... she probably would, but a part of her just wanted to think the decision out first, for her own sake.
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