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So...I heard there was a roleplay goin' on in this thread. :3

(Sorry for no spoiler tags, but they weren't working. D: )



Nickname: The Last of the Gentry, Duchess of the Icebound Heart, Boddhisattva of the Broken Cage, The Eternal Echo, Sage of Unknown Reaches, Widow's Walker, Daughter of the Silent Night, Pilgrim of the Endless Road, The Pure Sovereign

Age: 13

Sex : Female

Appearance: Cascades of golden hair fall over Olga's back and shoulders, almost reaching her ankles whenever she isn't moving, yet the title of most dominating feature goes to the enormous hat that sits atop her head; a singular item that characterizes her presence and shrouds her face only slightly in shadow with its soft crimson underbelly. She is never seen without it, though anybody attempting to watch her for too long will see the rim open ever so slightly, and a glare come from the lilac eye hidden in its folds.

For what it's worth for somebody of her age, Olga has a pretty visage characterized by large lilac eyes, a heat-shaped face, and a little button nose that can endear her to most people without much effort. Each expression is rather animated, thanks to her mutable facial features, which she takes advantage of often by not being a victim of her own emotions. Her limbs are skinny and slender, with movements reminiscent of a creature stalking in the night when she deigns to tread upon the earth.

While most seem to have gone to fairly degraded outfits thanks to the cataclysmic event, Olga has used her Pokespirit to create fancy clothes made out of magic, able to change them on a whim , which has proved very useful for espionage and melding in with other groups. Since attaining Shedinja, she also has a habit of adding chitin to her outfits to form accessories or shoes that click against the ground like a scuttle across tin rooftops. Suffice to say, when she has the choice, her attire will be as ostentatious as she likes, and characterized by an enormously stylized cape.

Image of Olga.

Personality: Olga is a deceptively kind person, whose personality has been warped quite severely by the spirits that are bound to her. None of this is immediately apparent, however, as she switches between personalities for the sake of remaining hidden from those who would hunt her. In the end, the goal of her interactions with others is to engender trust and friendship between them; even if the next incarnation of her personality would want nothing to do with them. Such is the burden of somebody who aims to please everyone.

Some would call her a coward, for her machinations that are all aimed to avoid direct confrontation, but she calls herself a gambler with rigged die. Everything she does is bound to have a negative effect on some other person, because that's the world she lives in, but she won't needlessly humiliate or harm somebody because of a whim. If she didn't care, she wouldn't befriend every Pokespirit wielder she meets, and wouldn't plan to give them prominent seats in her future Empire. Were she to let Mismagius have her way, they wouldn't even get that.

Positive aspects of the teenager include the curiosity that stayed with her throughout childhood, with an eagerness to experience new things and the drive to act on these impulses. Her dreams of grandeur are borne of the same, in a series of strong feelings that need to be compensated for by "sacrificing" some of her others. There are no half-measures in the mind of Olga. She can either love somebody completely, or not at all. Another can trust her completely, or not at all. Somebody can fear her...or not exist at all.

History: Although Olga can't remember just where she was born, those memories filled with darkness and lurking in a mind not fully-formed, her earliest memories are of an enclosed field beneath the shadow of Mount Coronet. When she woke up, it would always be there, until she went to sleep and it still loomed over her, looking menacing yet comforting in the night sky. It was a constant that she grew used to, although her curiosity was stifled ever so slightly be the other children she grew with.

She would ask the older children to let her go to the mountain, but they'd deny her time and time again, because the field of dead flowers was their safe haven from the rest of the world. They got "food" by preying on the Undeground, laying traps for whoever would stumble by and dragging them to be cooked, then eaten. The deaths were merciful, but brutal, and without the social learning that would make her grow averse to such things, Olga partook in it for the benefits. If cannibalism kept her healthy, it was fair game.

The band of preying children was a family, for the most part, and they shared their knowledge freely with one another. They talked about what waited on the top of Mount Coronet, and Olga was always there to suggest heading up to it, but it was voted against for fear of traveling and becoming the prey themselves. They did utilize her curiosity for studying the surrounding area, and scavenging through the packs of their victims for potentially helpful knowledge. Most of it was useless, because nobody in the group cared for luxuries when there were traps to build and each other to defend, but young Olga hid some of it away regardless. Some of them were fun, or pretty, and helped her with the goal of one day heading to Mount Coronet herself.

Olga was the youngest, when her family fell; they attempted their usual tricks on a PokeSpirit wielder and each of them was killed for it, yet she was spared through the small piece of mercy remaining in the Wielder, as he obeyed Arceus' code and couldn't kill such a young child. Still, she was a cannibal and had been raised by the vicious group, so the wielder of Shedinja took her to the top of Mount Coronet and proffered her before the tablet so she might be able to find the guidance of a PokeSpirit, as Shedinja had done for him.

It did not go well. Mismagius was the PokeSpirit that chose Olga, and whisked her away from the mountaintop in the blink of an eye. Her name was unimportant, but she liked to be called Ambrosia, and spoke with the orphaned Olga extensively, as she sought to find food. She spoke of her ideal; a world where only PokeSpirits would exist, with no humans to shatter their hard-earned bonds or abuse their power for evil ends, as some Wielders did. The world she spoke of was glorious, and the images she planted in Olga's dreams made her yearn to see it.

Olga was Ambrosia's puppet, for a while, as she obeyed the orders of the Mismagius and lavished in the luxuries that magic could bring. Wonderful outfits, sustenance, all of these abilities to ensure that she couldn't die like her family had before, and all of it was for the cause of making a better world, in the end. It was fair game. With Ambrosia, there was always a second level to her schemes; the spreading of rumors between vagrants, to build fear for a name without having to fight. The second layer was the Shedinja-Wielder, who she knew from Olga's story had something of a white-knight complex, would try to find this demon of the night.

He did, and Ambrosia struck him down with ease, through her manipulative and wicked way of fighting. She claimed his Wonder Guard, but also the spirit of Shedinja, whose influence had unexpected side effects on her puppet. It brought balance to Olga's mind, that would otherwise have been manipulated through curiosity and determination, which forced a compromise between the two. Olga would have to build the perfect world for PokeSpirit Wielders, because Arceus wouldn't allow humans to exist if there wasn't something redeemable there; and most important of all, she was a human too...


Species: Mismagius

Nickname: Ambrosia

Personality: Manipulative and fairly amoral, Ambrosia is a representative of the Fair Folk school of thought. She's dangerously intelligent, manipulative, and an excellent reader of emotions, who's only constrained by the need to stick to a host. Despite this, she has a big measure of attachment to the girl she's spent three years with; Olga being a particularly quirky, and thus amusing, human.

Destiny Bond
Perish Song
Pain Split

Other: Ambrosia has the ability to utilize a series of hexes and curses, including the one active on all of Olga's titles. If anybody mentions one of them, she'll know who and where they are. In addition, she can create materials out of magic (Meaning they're not suitable to eat and only resemble the real thing), and feeds on the fear of her name. Nothing is quite as delicious as absorbing a soul, however. A final ability is that of reading objects; given an object, she can find out details about the previous owners for as long as they were in contact with it.



Species: Shedinja

Nickname: N/A

Personality: Calm and measured, Shedinja is the voice of serenity in Olga's mind. It doesn't impart judgement or bias, and is quiet most of the time, but gives nudges towards thinking things through whenever necessary. Its presence necessitates some measure of calm in Ambrosia, lest Olga get too suspicious.

Giga Drain

Other: Shedinja can create chitinous objects for Olga, whether it's something to let her move across water or to wear. Most often, it's used to hide when such becomes necessary.

Species: Smeargle

Nickname: N/A

Personality: Ambrosia's puppet.

Nasty Plot
Cotton Guard
Baton Pass

Other: Smeargle's mutability has allowed Olga her quickly-switching personas, allowing her to adapt to more groups than she would have with a singular mindset.


Opening Post: An old breeze bustled past Olga's cloak, as she stepped away from the encampment that had served as the host for The Pure Sovereign and her wily ways. She'd told them of all the stories she knew about herself, with the gift of news of movements in the Underground, and was gifted with a fresh set of allies whose names even know tingled at the end of her tongue. There would be more, so many more, but every moment wasted pondering the wind would be a moment lost.

However, as she dangled a piece of jerky between the tips of her fingers and stepped with soft heels across the ruined ground, the great hat that rested upon her golden head tingled ever so slightly. The amethyst eye opened and that was all there was, for her to know of a title spoken many miles away. It was the face of a young woman, this time, seeking knowledge from the Sage of Unknown Reaches. If one wanted knowledge, she was certainly the one to call.

Time was needed, but only a dash of it, and Olga skulked into the nearby shadows to make her disappearance; that jerky would probably be scavenged by somebody sooner or later, perhaps hoping it was something other than human flesh. Not that it bothered her; the constant trickle of energy was more than enough sustenance as it embraced her completely. It was more pleasant than the ongoing teleport, at least, as it tugged unpleasantly at her gut and spat the young teen out at the foot of some field. Regardless, she landed hovering slightly in the air; her cape a shroud that hid the prettier aspects of her attire and her hood casting shadows from which only a pair of lilac eyes peeked.

Regardless, this area would be her theater. Olga raised her hands to her sides and intoned words whispered in her ear by Ambrosia; flicking her wrist slightly here and twisting her fingers slightly there, until she'd weaved a simple tent made from twilight and took herself a seat on one of the conjured stools; the other one sitting opposite her, as she stared at the door in wait of her visitor.
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