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How did you feel about the gyms in Black and White 2 compared to the originals, Black and White?
Overall the best Gyms so far. Their uniqueness really shined this time around. Yes, each Gym in the past had a little puzzle, each different from the other, and totally different trainers in each, but this time we REALLY got a difference from each Gym. In the past, they all has the same, drab, dull feel: You walk in, battle some minions, and then the Leader. In black 2 and White 2, you really had an experience. You experience the Gym, the theme, the trainers, and of course, the Leader.

-Were there any gym puzzles you had trouble with?
CLAY. His Puzzle sucked. I always get so turned around in his gym and usually end up in the same spot six times in a row. ;;

-Did you like the different themes for each gym?
They were probably my favorite new feature in the Gyms. The themes matched each Leader perfectly. Cheren's was still the same as the generic Gym theme was in Black and White, but that was perfect too, considering that he's the "teacher" type of Leader as well as being the newest Gym Leader in Unova.

-Was there a gym interior you preferred in Black and White rather than the new interior?
Not at all. Each new Gym is most definitely an improvement upon their previous styles and layouts.

These games were definitely the games with the best Gyms ever, in my opinion. Nintendo and GameFreak did a fantastic job at designing each one, and I can't wait to see what other Gyms in the possible and hopeful future.
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