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Well, talk about timing. Val had the oddest change in behavior. Seriously, this was not like her. Then three more students showed up, and Killik ad Mana were still kind of going against Val, in a way. Seriously, it was freaking him out. Has she hit her head or something? He looked at Val curiously, spying a weird colored zorua peeking at him. It had been hiding this whole time? Was it Val's? What an odd choice for a dragon tamer. Oh well. It was cute, though it seemed scared. Of course it was. Drake was scared. Val's behavior was just so odd. It... Reminded him of when Maris had been hit by attract, but that couldn't be possible, could it? He gazed at Mana, and the feeling of oddness returned.

"Guys, I think Val is not feeling well. She's been through a lot, I'm going to take her to the hospital." he said. With that he looked at Mana again. Yes... Something about her wasn't right. He had a hunch, but he wasn't going to say it in public.

"Mana, I've been gone from the academy too long, would you mind showing me where it is? Dragonite, let's go, if you please. I want you to follow me and Killita, so we can get your trainer some assistance. Killik, and... The rest of you" he said, a slight pause as he realized that he didn't know their names, but that boy in the front also seemed to be rather attached to Val, maybe. He could be totally wrong.

"Could you meet me later? I'm going to need to make a report of this. Faculty stuff and all..." he said softly, as if he didn't want to do it. Mainly he was curious, but his first priority was seeing that his protégé was cared for, as se CLEARLY was not well. He climbed up on Killita's back, motioning for Mana to follow him. The way he had spoken, he had seemed like he was in command, but really he had no authority. None of them had to listen to him. He then sent out Zeal, who growled at the other salamence.

"Knock it off Zeal. Help them out and carry them off the mountain if they want to.." he said. Of course, this was a moot point, if none of them wanted to leave. But the other salamence might have trouble carrying four people if they listened and did as asked.
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