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Lucas McGuire - Forest

'Oh, Floraroma Town! That's in Sinnoh right? My parents did some research in the mines close to there. I'm not too familiar with Striaton City though. Is that in Hoenn?' Lucas's curiousity increases more, when he hears they are cousins. 'Cousins? Wow that's cool! So that's why you seem so close? Well as for me, I come from Pewter City. And my parents work at the museum their with scientific researching!'

'Evolving? Piggy, evolving doesn't look too awesome.. oiiioiiioiii. I never wanna be an Ambipom... One arm tail is enough thank you! So what is it you evolve into? Mankey?' Aipom chuckled.
Role-Plays I'm in:

Patrick McCallion in Time and Space: Phanpy

Lucas McGuire in Pokemon Trainer's Academy: Aipom, Heracross, Aron

Lucas McGuire in Unova Masters: Tepig
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