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Quote originally posted by Leaf Storm:
omg Nica, beautiful. BEAUTIFUL! *standing ovation* Welcome aboard to the club, and welcome to da herd! <333 Although I can't tell what pony is your fave so I can add you to the list! This is probably the best pony post I've read so far xD

Have we ever discussed what everyone's episode so far in the club? If not, I guess we can just bring that up. What is your favorite episode of MLP so far?
:3 I am glad you appreciate.

My favourite thus far is the cutie mark chronicles. I didn't expect it to be my favourite but the fact that in the last four minutes I was totally crying and every time I thought about it I was crying and yeahhh. I also liked Sonic Rainboom cause that made me cry and it was v pretty to see. :3
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