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First and foremost, I may be new to this forum but I'm not new to forums at all.
However, I am new to all this.

I'd love to play the game, but I'm stuck here: ...I can't post an image because I don't have 15 posts. Cool beans.

Anyway, I go to start the the game and get the error, "This Game Pak is designed only for use on the Game Boy Color."

  • I'm using the custom version of VBA
  • I downloaded a fresh/clean copy of Pokemon: Crystal (.gbc)
  • I downloaded a fresh version of the patch from the link and zelda website.
  • Not sure what's causing the error?
  • I do have "turbo mode" set to ON, should I use all normal settings until I actually get in-game?
EDIT: It should be noted that I can go through the entire into of the game with the Professor speaking to you, choosing your gender/name/etc. it's not until the professor says it's time for my own adventure and it shows me in my room that I get that error.

EDIT EDIT: Still happens with Turbo turned on, even though I did get further enough to walk around the room for a second.
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