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I recently deleted my file and haven't even played it for a couple of months, so that kinda sucks. My old team was Krookodile, Samurott, Simisear, Unfezant and Sawk. That was my team which won every battle. Plus they are easy to get and good later in the game when they're cross types. They are super powerful Pokemon, so if you still didn't make an exact choice, my team is probably gonna get you through the game more smoothly and efficiently.

I'll be AFK for a real long time, folks! Be sure to miss me! (and to SHUT THE HELL UP)
Pair Bears: Dedenne1, Sniper, Arx, Karasuma and Sky! =D
BETCHA ANNOYED THAT I LAGGED YOUR COMPUTER WITH THIS GIANT POP-UP!! >:p SUCKERS!! Anyway, currently playing Pokemon Black 2, started on the 22/01/15. Next up is Pokemon Pearl then Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter!
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