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Sorry about no responses here guys!

Quote originally posted by P-Sign:
Is my signature fine?
Decided to give CSS tags a try :p
Ya it's within the limits.

Quote originally posted by jdthebud:
I'm wondering how the CSS works with the sig rules. I wanted to put a limit in the CSS so if I added too many lines of text it would cut of the bottom a little. So I set a height limit of 348 px with top padding of 2 px. But it was disabled even though all the code is within the CSS brackets.

And when I check it in Paint, it is 350 pixels. Did I miss something?
You could try setting the text to a certain size, because sometimes on different styles the default text appears larger, or even on different resolutions (not sure if you did that tho, and can't really check right now).

Quote originally posted by NecrumWarrior:
I measure around 380 when I run your sig through Paint.
By the way this thread is only for staff to reply to, just because if all members reply it could get chaotic and people could be fed the wrong information, which wouldn't be helpful to the members who do want signature help.
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