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Quote originally posted by smurf:
this just maybe my personal opionon but i was just wondering if anyone else felt the same in black and white 2 it seems that Alder and Cynthia are weaker than in black and white. now that being said i know some one will say that alder is no longer them champ and cynitha is in the wrong region but still does anyone agree or disagree with me????
Much stronger so quickly you have become, hm? Heavily training quite diligently you must be!

Yoda-speak aside, the original battle with the E4 is Lv.50 in B/W (N is Lv.52, Ghetsis is Lv.54). This is higher in B2/W2 [E4 and Champion top out at Lv.61, rematch is higher like in B/W). So my Yoda-speak is actually quite accurate here.

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