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Valorie Ryder - Mountains
Dragonite nodded at Drake, seemingly understanding. She was ready to fly off, with Valorie no less. Meanwhile, Valorie slowly turned her gaze to glance at Mark. She seemed slightly distant, almost as if distracted by something, but she otherwise didn't appear to hold any visible malice towards him. She awkwardly smiled at him in an almost dream-like manner before turning her gaze back on Mana. Mark might've noticed the tear stains on her cheeks, as they were still very fresh. Regardless, Drake invited Mana to come with them and Valorie was happy, albeit because someone had yanked her heart strings. Was it really for the worst though? She seemed happy, sort of, and she was being a bit more open with her feelings. On the other hand, she really wasn't herself. For the moment being, Valorie was quiet. She was just... watching Mana with interest as if daydreaming, possibly about a romantic picnic between the two, or somethin weird like that.

Olivia Wolf - Icy Plains
Olivia shrugged lightly and placed the half-used super potion back in her back before returning her pokemon to their balls respectively. As Nemo pointed out the issue of exhaustion it rang true in Olivia's head. Oh right..! She took it so easy on her pokemon that she never really noticed that they could actually get exhausted if you worked them hard enough. "Oh yeah..! You're right!" she responded to Nemo in a bemused tone suggesting she was amused by her own mistake. "I like the way you think! You've got the /big/ picture in mind!~" she complimented, tapping her forehead in a semi-universal gesture for thought.

Hei raised the question of berries and Olivia just sort of... went blank. "They... heal pokemon..?" she responded, clearly unsure of herself despite the very vague answer. At least she tried, right..? ...Perhaps it would've been better if she didn't bother. It might become clear that she wasn't exactly an expert on all things pokemon. Better give me detention with Nemo, Hei~
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