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Originally Posted by Forever View Post
You could try setting the text to a certain size, because sometimes on different styles the default text appears larger, or even on different resolutions (not sure if you did that tho, and can't really check right now).
This is the code I'm using. When I change styles and check it in Paint, it's 350 px high, as the code says. I am using a specific font and size. I also don't get a scroll bar like it's supposed too when the sig is too big.
[LEFT][FONT=Tahoma][cd=padding-left:147px][SIZE=2][COLOR=White][cd=width:600px; height:348px; padding-left:3px; padding-top:2px; padding-right:3px; background-color:#3a2938; overflow:hidden][CENTER][B][U][URL=""][COLOR=#fcfb83]Active Challenges:[/COLOR][/URL][/U][/B]
[COLOR=LimeGreen][S]LeafGreen[/S][/COLOR] - [COLOR=Gold][S]Hard Gold[/S][/COLOR] - [COLOR=Green][S]Emerald[/S][/COLOR] - [COLOR=DimGray][B]Platinum[/B][/COLOR] - [COLOR=White]White[/COLOR][SIZE=2][SIZE=2]
Ultimate Psychic Monotype Challenge: [/SIZE][/SIZE][S]K J H S[/S] [B]U[SIZE=2] (White 2)[/SIZE][/B]
Fireheart: [COLOR=Orange]FireRed[/COLOR] (L88) - [COLOR=Silver]SoulSilver[/COLOR] (L88) - [COLOR=Crimson]Ruby[/COLOR] (L71) - [COLOR=SlateBlue]Diamond[/COLOR] (L76) - [COLOR=Black]Black[/COLOR] (L100)
Palin: [COLOR=Orange]FireRed[/COLOR] (L98) - [COLOR=Cyan]Crystal[/COLOR] (L92) - [COLOR=Green]Emerald[/COLOR] (L86) - [COLOR=DimGray]Platinum[/COLOR] (L100) - [COLOR=Black]Black[/COLOR] (L100)
Excalibur: [COLOR=Yellow]Yellow[/COLOR] (L75) - [COLOR=Cyan]Crystal[/COLOR] (L88) - [COLOR=Green]Emerald[/COLOR] (L87) - [COLOR=DimGray]Platinum[/COLOR] (L84) - [COLOR=Black]Black[/COLOR] (L100)
Nagini: [COLOR=LimeGreen]LeafGreen[/COLOR] (L100) - [COLOR=Cyan]Crystal[/COLOR] (L96) - [COLOR=Green]Emerald[/COLOR] (L100) - [COLOR=DimGray]Platinum[/COLOR] (L100) - [COLOR=Black]Black 2[/COLOR] (on hold)[SIZE=1]
[/SIZE][B][U]Select Completed Challenges:[/U][/B]
[URL=""][COLOR=Sienna][B]Ultimate Monotype:[/B][/COLOR][/URL] [IMG][/IMG]
Gens I-IV: [IMG][/IMG]
[LEFT][cd=padding-left:34px][URL=""][COLOR=rainbow][B]Ultimate Monocolor:[/B][/COLOR][/URL] [IMG][/IMG][/cd][/LEFT]

and the result:
Active Challenges:

LeafGreen - Hard Gold - Emerald - Platinum - White
Ultimate Psychic Monotype Challenge:
K J H S U (White 2)

Fireheart: FireRed (L88) - SoulSilver (L88) - Ruby (L71) - Diamond (L76) - Black (L100)
Palin: FireRed (L98) - Crystal (L92) - Emerald (L86) - Platinum (L100) - Black (L100)
Excalibur: Yellow (L75) - Crystal (L88) - Emerald (L87) - Platinum (L84) - Black (L100)
Nagini: LeafGreen (L100) - Crystal (L96) - Emerald (L100) - Platinum (L100) - Black 2 (on hold)

Select Completed Challenges:
Ultimate Monotype:
Gens I-IV: do people get 380 px?
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