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Name: Millicent Shashi Kaiko
Nickname: Milly or Kaiko to her sports friends (they always call eachother by their last names)
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Specie: Werewolf

Appearence: Milly has a small heart shaped face with pale cream coloured skin. Deep green, almond shaped eyes are frame between thick eye lashes in a dark outline. She sports a small button nose, with a few stubborn freckles refusing to fade with age, which dot the bridge only fading away into the pastel rose colour of her cheeks. Her lips are plump, natural in colour and are usually set into a lop-sided grin. Long, mouse, brown hair pools down her back finishing just past her shoulder blades. She has a full fringe which has grown long and is usually swept to either side, kept in place usually by a pair set of bright pink headphones which she is seldom seen without. 5’0 ft tall she is tiny for her age and is often mistaken for someone much younger than herself.

Over all Milly wears baggy jeans with a chunky belt, when she doesn’t have to wear the uniform anyway. A long with a small black strap top and a Green hoodie. She also loves bracelets, which has led to a vast collection gathering on either arm, arrange of rainbow colour gathering in all materials. It’s a surprise she can still lift her arms at all really.
Milly at first glances, is your average tomboy girl. Scruffy hair, splashes of mud on her uniform and trainers, and a smear of oil from working her bike streaking across one cheek. But don’t let her rough appearance fool you, just because she isn’t afraid to play the boys at their own games doesn't mean also mean she isn't kind and sweet to those who call her friend.
Wicked sense of humour and a sharp tongue always get her trouble too, but for a friend, none could ask for one more loyal, though perhaps she could be a little less protective of those she cares about.

Tomboy, Milly is, but she is also addicted to learning and reading. Studying actually being her second favourite past time, after sports which involves running. No stranger to being top of the class, when Milly gets a low grade it all but cripples her. Emotionally, her and her company who are unfortunate enough to be around when she receives a bad grade are in for a roller-coaster of tears, sobbing and overall depression for about a week. Until someone finally coaxes her out with the promise of junk food and a session down at the garage her dad owns.

Free time when it occurs is either spent working, running and playing sports with her friends. Or if she isn’t out on the field, she up on a high window sill somewhere, nose stuck in a book. Educational or not. She’s also a bit soppy and girly when it comes to romance, though she’s a bit too proud of her tomboy persona to let that information slip out.

Her last love in life is this, her dads garage is a haven for her. She likes to fix things and always loves to help people or machines when she can, and if she has her music on, either when running or working, she is in bliss.

Finally, last point, Millicent Shashi Kaiko is not a morning person… if she is up, she’s been up all night doing either homework, reading or running. If she’s asleep however, wake at your own risk and be prepared for a lot of shouting and teeth bearing.

History: Milly has actually lead her life in the human world, her mother and father seeing this as the best route in which to raise the children. Away from the wild thrist for blood which use to run in their “pack”. And so they live a normal life, well a normal life to the exntend which they can, being werewolves in a human world.
Her dad owns a makeshift garage which is pretty good, makes some bussiense to keep their family a flout, and her mother works as a cleaner. Though most people try to avoid them as a family, the people whom actually know them though are pleasantly surprised.
Throughout her past, Milly has been subject to mocking and even shunning of her own kind due to the way she has been raised and as a result she tries to avoid them at all cost. Holding her human form has just become second nature and seeing humans as something more than endless lines of meals on wheels, is something she prides herself on.
But regardless, she has been in a few scrapes with her own kind for her views, once being chased though her town, black eyed and bloodied nosed, as she fled from a battle she’d lost. Thankfully her brothers turned up and managed to kick some butt.
But bar that she has had a semi normal life. Her parents enrolled her in the academy, thinking she would be better off there than in a normal human school where she was only rejected by the other children.

Weakness: Chocolate, junk food (mainly burgers and fries), the moon which she always pines for during the day, and her old brothers. She’d do anything for them. They are her pack after all.

Other: Milly has a large extended family, all of whom have adopted the human life style to better fit in. She has various cousins, not all whom she gets along with, and is the youngest out of three kids, as well as the only girl. Her brothers are Janko, aged 19 and Michael who is 21.

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