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Quote originally posted by Yoshikkko:
A rival like in gen I and II. As much as I hated just finishing the gym and coming out and having to fight Gary straight after, it makes it much more exciting and challenging.
Quote originally posted by Drakow:
I'd like a rival to be honest. Gives you that sense of competition, that desire to beat his ass - the same feeling you get when you're pounding down on the team whoever members. I just didn't get that rush of adrenalin when facing off against Bianca / Cheren or even Hugh who was supposed to be true mixture of rival and ally. It could be interesting if you and the rival do team up stuff as well - though begrudgingly working together. Would be good I think.
What they said.

Quote originally posted by glitchguy:
I actually missed "mean" rivals and hopefully there will be one in the new games or GF could put a "mean' as well as a friendly rival in the game.That would be interesting.
Kind of like with Silver and Lyra in HG/SS?

I definitely want a meaner rival. Hoenn was wonderful in many ways, but I was really disappointed that you had no Silver- or Green-like person who came around to annoy you at times. Meeting Green in Kanto was the most thrilling times, especially since he was the boss at the very end. Silver's story was interesting with his grudge against Team Rocket and need to be strong.

I'm going to wish for a rival with a darker history, hopefully more along the lines of Silver than Green. The Unova approach was interesting, especially since you met them and interacted more often. But Brendan/May and Lucas/Dawn were just... just there to make the game seem nicer for kids, I feel.
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