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Don't mind me getting upset over change, of course haha. It's my reaction to anything that's changed too much for my liking (do you know how long it took me to break down and buy a DS?), but I'll eventually be okay. I wasn't even online during the reveal. :( I should have stayed up! Waking up to a new forum and games wasn't good for me, lol.

Anyway, I do hope they have a mix of older Pokemon in with these games, like Manipulation said. And I hope they don't pull a DP on us and exclude a TON of new Pokemon and leave them for post-game. That would be mean. I like what they did with B2W2, by having a ton of Pokemon from each generation mixed in with almost all gen V stuff. And even then, the only gen V stuff that you couldn't get prior to post-game was just...couple of legendaries? So yeah, they had their regional dex nailed in B2W2 I think, and I hope the same will go for X and Y.

...X and Y tee hee.