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Quote originally posted by Manipulation:
I wonder what the 'Pikachu' type Pokémon of this generation will be like. (I mean as a mascot.)
Hmm, the new rodent and 'Pidgey' as well. For some reason I'm interested in which direction they'll take.

Quote originally posted by Sydian:
Aerilyn sent me fan art of the three and they're MUCH cuter in fanart than in official art. XD So Froakie and Chespin aren't as bad as I initially thought when I saw them on Serebii. Official art can ruin anything, I tell ya.
Ohmygosh, I was just about to bring up fan art. I've loved the fan art I've seen so far on Tumblr. It even displays Froakie in a good light, which I didn't think was possibly.

Quote originally posted by Aerilyn:
Lucky for you, and everyone else who still needs time to adapt, we have a ten month wait before they're actually released. Within that time, we'll just keep feeding off of new scans, Pokémon, and information to keep our appetites whet.
Ten months is a long time still but yeah it will give me enough time to adapt to this style as we see more and more of it. We'll be leeches (or rather I will be for sure) for informations regarding X and Y.

By the way, I love Young Justice and your avatar!