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Near Eterna City Ruins


Held Item(s):

Chapter One:
Searching for an Unknown Friend

Part Five

Wait wha-- What was going on here? This girl came up out of nowhere and chattered her head off, shaking Amy's hand wildly. She was only offered a moment to say her name. "Amethyst-- Where's Lucy??" Her gaze followed the hand shaking hers, and she screamed and pulled her hand away when she saw a... Deformity? What the hell was that exactly? Her arm was just... Indescribably strange. "Wh-what's wrong with your arm?? And where's Lucy!?" She turned her head wildly from left to right, then settled it on... Emily's big stomach. ... No. NO. "LET HER OUT!! LET, HER, OUT!!" Amy turned back to face Emily, furiously bursting with sudden power SUPER SAIYAJIN. "Let her go. Now."

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