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Your two latest pieces are just great as always! n_n;

I'm loving the color pallet on both of them. The browns / grays are subtle and not too overbearing and the red accents really set a great mood for the characters. Also, the text is super easy to read and doesn't strain my eyes at all-- Red was a good choice! It's great that you included the stocks too. Imo, it makes it a lot easier for me or any other novice to identify exactly how much work you've put into making the tags.

I think I prefer this icon over the others, tbh. Aesthetically speaking, it just has more going for it in terms of minimalism and placement.

It's awesome that you're breaking out of your comfort zone and trying new things! Makes us old people feel like there's still somewhere you can go once you reach the top! ;p As usual Derozio, you've posted more fabulous work worthy of the title moderator of A&D! Well done! c:

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