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Originally Posted by Urugamosu View Post
Ahh, well welcome back EternallyAnna!

Haha, tumblr has done that to me. English was annoying for a few weeks after that. xD
Thank youuu :D

It certainly works well as a form of communication when everyone's on the same page, but PC prefers clarity and proper phrasing. And also doesn't really know how to handle "sdfghgf WHAT IS THIS SORCERY YOU GORGEOUS PERSON I HATE YOU *flips a chicken*"

Originally Posted by Cid View Post
Ahh welcome back! You seemed like a nice person when I saw you around. I was waiting for you to update the Pokémon Claims thread and was worried that something happened to you. :( Glad that you're back safe and sound.

Also that is hilarious, haha. Note to self: steer clear of Tumblr.
jk tumblr is awesome. welcome back <3
Aw thank you! And aw crap PClaims oops I always wander off and forget about that obligation. :x

tumblr is amazing haha. glad to be back home though <3

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