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Thanks for your support and feedback, Seppy. I've been trying to go through and tweak and change more things (both in the main story, and in minor things) to make it feel less "samey". Hoping to have this update out soon.

And speaking of that update, here is a little video showing off one of these additions (and the custom ASM routine to allow me to have more than just 2 backsprites in the game). Huge thanks to Miksy91 for "sitting down with me" and teaching me that basics of Assembly, without that I would never have been able to make this work.

Wanting to get some feedback on this to decide if this part should stay as it is, or be changed before release. Personally, I think its a pretty funny scenario for what you will have to do to fight Erika (and it is at least somewhat based on the Anime), but like I say, wanting some feedback on what you guys as players think of it.

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