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Name: Maya Nami Kyuuketsuki

Nickname: Nami

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Specie: Vampire

Human form

Vampire form
without pointy ears.

Maya is the kind of Vampire that would help anyone out in trouble. She absolutely can't stand it when stronger living beings bully or beat up the weaker ones. But her shyness always prevents her from helping the one in need and that's why I said "would help anyone out". Well, in her real form this is a total different case. The real Maya is still shy, but wouldn't let a weaker being fight for his or her life, instead she would jump in to save the weak. Maya in her real form can also be a bit more fiery and has a sharper tongue. Even though she has all of these little bad habits, she's still very nice and tends to act cute without herself knowing. But I warn you:

"If you bully the bull, you'll get the horns."

Maya prefers to be called Nami, which is her second name. She absolutely loves strawberries and tomato juice, combine these two in a breakfast and you'll make her the happiest girl alive. It's because she is a Vampire that she likes blood, but has prevented herself to drink it from a humans neck since she entered middle schools. She sometimes refuses to drink blood transfusions which is a pretty bad habit for Vampires since they need blood to survive.

Maya is also a little bit stubborn too and sometimes spends her class time staring out of the window or drawing, it's a mystery why she still manages to get decent grades. Maya also shares a passion for singing and practices a lot, out of the sight of other people though.

Maya was born in the Youkai dimension in a house near a youkai city. She was 5 years old when she attended the elementary school her 3 years older brother, hayate, attended. Even though Maya and her brother were siblings, they were not on good terms. Her brother never really protected her from bullies, he only watched the scolding with a cold glance and walked away after a few seconds. This made Maya develop a dislike towards him.

When Maya was in the 6th grade she got beaten up by a werewolf and couldn't handle his speed, it was full moon that day and it was just way too hard to hit him with her powerful punches. This werewolf was the same Youkai that always had bullied her. Hayate was watching again with a cold glance, but when Maya had closed her eyes and was mentally preparing to get the last punch, Hayate had jumped forward her and dodged his punch, interfering with the fight.

Maya's parents were killed when she was 13 years old, they simply payed a visit to the human world when a murderer attacked them in front of a crowd. Youkai aren't allowed to show their real forms to humans, so they weren't allowed to use their superhuman strength and their high battle capabilities.

After this event occured, Maya was adopted by a human family and attended high school in the human world. These humans knew what she really was and gave her a Rosary necklace as a gift since Maya had troubles with keeping her human form. This Rosary was small and made of silver with four little blue stones in the middle. Maya often had problems with girls who hated her for no appearend reason.

After Maya's 17th birthday the humans who took care of Maya decided she should enter Youkai Academy so that she one day didn't have to rely on that Rosary anymore to keep her human form and so that she could socialize with other teenagers. Maya found it a good idea and agreed, so she left to Youkai Academy.

Weakness: Water and Rosary
Other: Maya introduces herself as Nami.
Code: grape strawberry
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