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Makoto ran inside as soon as Aria stepped out because he was anxious to see Spark. He didn't even say a word to either of the other two, not hesitating. He closed the door, well slammed the door and approached her bed.

Spark was still laying down when he walked in, she was testing her fingers, then toes, then legs and arms. Though she was a bit stiff, she was able to eventually sit upright, though weakly. "Hey Makoto, look I can move now!" She said positively.

"That's good, I'm glad those were good people. I thought they would try and hurt us." He said rather happily. "So why did you want me to leave?"

Spark sighed, unsure of how he would react to her next statement. "Makoto." She paused, "I need you to stay with Aria, I..."

Though she was interrupted, "But why, I dont want to stay with them, what if they are mean?" He said worriedly.

"It will be fine, but since you can't fly like me I can't take you with me." He was about to object but Spark held up her hand, still a bit sore and stiff, "Look, promise to visit you both as soon as I get done with something, until then can you watch over those two?" In reality Spark was worried that he would be unable to take care of himself, or someone might take advantage of him, "It's a direct order from me that you must stay with them and protect them until I come to get you. Also you do whatever Aria says." Spark said sternly.

Makoto simply nodded, somewhat saddened, but he understood, "As long as you promise to revisit me." He ran somewhere, and Spark heard some rustling, "Also if you take this." He held out a stick like the one Spark had found long ago with Arc, one that would light up when she gave it electricity. The only difference was that this one lacked a bulb. "I'm not sure what this does, but I saw in a book that it uses electricity, so you can not get paralyzed again."

Spark nodded, she could indeed channel excess energy through the stick, whether or not it would produce light, "Thank you, now go wait outside with the others. I need to get prepared alone. Tell them I'll be out in a minute and they don't have to wait for me. Finally tell them that you will be following them for a little while."

Makoto ran outside and closed the door. Spark could hear him repeat her words exactly, including the "tel them" parts, making Spark laugh a bit. She changed into her old clothes and picked up the old knife. It seemed so long ago, but the memories were still very fresh in her mind. She put the old knife in her old sheath, took her old pack, and felt a tear on her eye. She didn't know why leaving Makoto was so sad, though maybe it was because he was so much like Arc.

Spark did some stretches and was ready to go. Hey guys, still up there? She thought, realizing she hadn't spoken to her spirits in a while.

I'm fine, we've been conversing amongst ourselves, thus there is no reason to feel saddened by your neglect. Xatu sounded as monotone and emotionless as before, but his words were definitely above Sparks head.

Spark! All he does is talk fancy and smart like, he won't play any games and he never says things I understand! Plusle whined.

I have to say between Plusles whining and Xatu's constant talking, I'm pretty annoyed. Minun said. Spark just laughed.

"Well I'll be sure to check up on you guys more often then." She said out loud, "Big things are coming and who knows, maybe one day you guys can have your own body," She began to daydream, but shook herself out of it, "But I probably won't live to see that day, so try to remember that I helped when you guys are running through fields or whatever you used to do."
Xatu said nothing.
I can't wait! Plusle said excitedly
I promise to remember you if that happens. Minun sounded rather sad, though Spark didn't catch it.

"Thanks." She said happily. She walked outside eventually and looked at all three of the people. She noticed Arcs old sword, "You still have that? Did I ever tell you the story of that sword? Well me and Arc," The word was heavy, it made her heart drop, "When we were traveling, Arc and I got in a brawl, I was about to finish this adult off when he stopped me." She reflected on that day, did she still have the bloodlust from back then? "He stopped me because he said it wasn't our goal." She was talking to all of them, "Well our goal, sorry, my goal is still not to kill adults. I think I want to follow in his footsteps..." Her voice trailed off, "Please take care of them... I'll be back." Her voice trembled a bit, and she felt a tear and immediately turned around. She fused with Xatu and began lifting off. She couldn't turn back around, her heart wasn't into it. She flew off east.
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