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Quote originally posted by Jellicent♀:
Oh gosh, no. I don't want a new type at all. :c
Especially not a "ight" type. wtf was the point of Dark type in the first place? We already have electric and fire, can't they be "light" enough? A Light type would just be ridiculous, imo.
Yet Dark can be catered for through Ghost and Psychic types, but was still introduced, so why not a Light type?

Quote originally posted by vaporeon7:
I don't ever see any new types being released. If they did release another type, there would be barely any Pokémon of its type, as they would be only coming from one generation. They could do a Magneton on us, but there might be a Pokémon of two types that would deserve the type more and just cause confusion.
Well, not necessarily. Pokemon of previous generations have had their typings adjusted in the past, so if a new type were to be introduced, who's saying Pokemon from Gen I - V, won't change?
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