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Near Eterna Ruins
Bay followed behind the two girls, looking at the magazine for the first time. There was an informative section that mentioned something that Bay found intriguing, radio and televisions. The section was explaining how these devices operated and although the devices weren’t explained in detail, Bay got the gist of the uses of the devices and he was captivated, reading around 15 pages before the girls ahead of him stopped and Bay abruptly halted, glad he didn’t bump into either of too. He marked the page, closed and then put the magazine under his left arm.

Looking up out of impending curiosity, Bay noticed the pile of rubble that the girls seemed to be focusing their attention on. It was up ahead and not to far away, and as Bay stared a moment longer he identified it as the City that he had came from a little more than a week ago. Bay felt a sudden approach as if someone was running towards them and he looked around, overlooking a figure at first glance and when he turned back he saw no one else other than the two girls he had traveled with.

Bay he Lucy’s voice. "Um... I think someone just... /really/ messed up their teleport." Bay scratched his head for a moment at what she said and turned around, forgetting what he thought he saw and assumed his eyes were playing tricks on him. Bay looked at Lucy and his eyes widened with almost as much shock as he had when he saw this the first time. The girl’s stomach bulged out and Bay knew that a person was in there although it was different this time. This time Lucy seemed to be anxious and almost fearful. “Come... Come to your doom...” a voice seeming to come from around him although the others seemed to either not hear this or to have been too distracted with the person who occupied the girl’s stomach. The voice sounded bloodthirsty and violent natured and Bay couldn’t help but reach for his knife, mentally preparing himself to see the girl explode or implode but instead Lucy was replaced with an entirely different person who gave Bay an odd vibe.

The girl was in the same position as Lucy and she even was holding Amy’s hand just like Lucy was and shook it like a one-sided handshake. Bay distanced himself, cautious as to what this girl was up to. She seemed unfazed by whatever just happened and she even ignored the bulge on her stomach that was just as abnormal is Lucy’s. The girl, who introduced herself as Em, had an entirely different voice than the devastating voice he heard just before Lucy disappeared. He didn’t know what to fear more and so Bay looked at Amy, hoping that she had a better idea of what was going on.

Amy was deeply upset by her companion, Lucy’s, disappearance and she seemed to react violently, yelling at Em’s stomach which must have been where Lucy was. Bay impulsively ran over to Amy and restrained her arms, getting a good grip on them so she couldn’t easily slip out without hurting him, although he didn’t tighten his hold on her enough to hurt her, Bay knew that he probably wouldn’t hurt her anyway. “Calm down Amy, if what I think is true then this girl can digest Lucy at will and if you hurt her, you might hurt Lucy too.” Bay said with his voice low. Keeping his grip on Amy’s arms he looked at Emily trying to put on a courageous front although all he felt was fear of this girl’s abilities as she seemed wild or unstable.
"Why did you do this to her friend?" Bay said with his legs planted firmly in the ground, holding Amy by her wrists and hoping to suppress Amy's rage.


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