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Yet Dark can be catered for through Ghost and Psychic types, but was still introduced, so why not a Light type?
To nerf Psychics, and give something more to Bug types. That and it is set up as different to Ghost and Psychics (again, Psychics all about using mental prowess, while Dark has to do with 'dirty' or rough fighting...and ghosts are ghosts!). While Dark (and Steel) was to give more balance to the type system, a Light type would not do that as there is no major problem to fix in the first place, and it brings about problems that were not so major back in gen 2.

There's a heck of a lot more reasons for no type change in gen 6 than back in gen 2. But then I'd just be repeating myself. =p But at any rate, because they did it before doesn't make it likely they'd do it again. Otherwise B2W2 wouldn't have existed and we'd have our RSE remakes instead now going by patterns.
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