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Quote originally posted by TaichiWind:
Can't they just pick a system and develop it? They were on a good path with the DS, I don't know what the hell happened all of the sudden.
What happened is the DS died and the 3DS took its place.
Quote originally posted by Sydian:
Ha ha, I felt the same after I saw the stream at 6am! But I did go to class and I started spazzing...ahh, everyone started talking about X and Y and we all put pics of Froakie on our computer was glorious ;u; <3
Quote originally posted by Miss Doronjo:
But it was an non-random-encounter sort of pokemon game, so it was hopeful that they might of done the same for this game. D= Still, there's still no reason that this sort of style can play onto the rarity of pokemon; I dunno, the could of set it so that there is still a 'chance' that you might encounter a rare pokemon, or even a shiny pokemon. Eh.
Just imagine--what's that over there? Could...could it be? A...SHINY?! I have to run to catch it before it leaves and...oh no! Another Pokemon in the area caught up behind me! Got to run, go to run..........welp the shiny is gone now.

So yeah, I know that random encounters are outdated and such, but I appreciate them in Pokemon.

Quote originally posted by Kizerzin:
Something random I noticed the titles seem to reference the transition to 3D and genetics at the same time with X (The X Chromosome or the X horizontal plane) and Y (Y chromosome and the Y Vertical Plane). The Legendaries further the reference to 3D with the Y Legendary being Airborne (Vertical) and the X Legendary being Landlocked (Horizontal). Now we just need a Z third version and the 3D references will be complete.
So the Z Pokemon would represent....depth?? Any ideas on how that would work? Because I just can't really conceptualize it (definitely not saying your theory is wrong or anything; I like the idea of the xyz plane but I just have a really difficult time conceptualizing how a "z-plane" Pokemon would work).