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Originally Posted by Manipulation View Post
I'd love to see a return for Silver/Kamon. He's perhaps the darkest character in all the Pokémon games and it'd be great to see how his character has developed. I'd like to see if the end of G/S/C was correct and he reformed or if he went back to his dark ways, he could even be the leader of the team of cronies if necessary.
I wouldn't mind seeing this. I was hoping they would shed a bit more light on this in HG/SS, but they didn't. Something tells me he wont be in this particular game, though.

Aside from that:

-Professor Oak, which is almost obligatory
-Steven/Wallace, or one of the Hoenn Gym Leaders
-Hilbert/Hilda, because why not and I sort of want to see if any comments will be made on the similarities between Hilbert and the male protagonist

Can't say I really want to see Cynthia, seeing as she's been in literally every game since D/P.

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