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Update 2

I recently found my old Gameboy SP, and now I'm playing Firered on that for the rest of the challenge. Big update since I've been lazy updating.
  • Went and beat my rival again
  • As I was battling Trainers on the Nugget Bridge, Nidoran(m) evolved
  • Beat all the trainers on the Nugget Bridge
  • Caught a Oddish on Route 25, named him Weed
  • Caught a Caterpie on Route 24. It's level 7. Wonderful.
  • Went and saved Bill, I guess, got the ticket to the S.S. Anna
  • Caught a Pidgey on Route 5, named her Aero
  • Caught ANOTHER Pidgey on Route 6, boxed in case Aero dies
  • Arrived in Vermilion City
  • Went to the Pokemon Fan Club, got the Bike Voucher
  • Went back to Cerulean and got a bike
  • Went back to Vermilion City
Current Team


Vine the Ivysaur Lv22 (m)

Nidorino Lv20 (m)

Geodude Lv20 (m)

Weed the Oddish Lv18 (m)

Aero the Pidgey Lv16 (f)

Caterpie Lv7 (f)


Pidgey Lv15


Mouse the Rattata Lv2

Locked Out Areas

Route 1
Route 2
Route 3
Route 4

Route 5
Route 22
Route 24

Route 25

Viridian Forest
Mt. Moon

I'll try to update soon.
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