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Quote originally posted by Kura:
Oh man! I can see you playing drunk, shouting at every new pokemon you encounter "WHAT'S THAT? I HAVE TO CATCH IT" Haha!

And.. OH MY GOD Rivvon I love your signature, it is SPOT ON! The Froakie needs oval-er eyes and more balls but the cabbage-shrew (forget the name) and the fox are spot on!
Ha ha, thank you! XD When I saw it, I knew I had found the greatest fanart to exist! xD
Quote originally posted by Zet:
Going forward through time? Maybe removing the restrictions of ethics/morals/boundaries on science to see the full potential of everything.
That is...really deep, really intense, and really, really cool! Game Freak could do a lot with that and open up a ton of storyline possibilities.
Quote originally posted by Impo:
Just saw the trailer - look's pretty cool!

Took me a couple of minutes to realize the legendaries are in the shape of letters.

But if the #666 Pokemon is not evil or dark/fire then tsktsk Gamefreak you have failed me
The #666 Pokemon is going to be the final evolution of the #665 Pokemon, Kotonkandee, the cutest creature on the face of the planet.

All this talk of diagonal movement made me realize...oh my gosh joystick movement?! But then again the trailer looked like it still moved on a grid of some sort so that's probably not the case sadly...