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Just a quick question, what are people's thoughts on an 'All Star' Challenge (and, does anyone know if this has been done before)?

This challenge would involve players selecting a team of up to six Pokemon out of a certain category. Each category would be made up of 8-13 Pokemon (to give challengers a bit of a selection), and contain the signature Pokemon of the Gym Leaders and/or Elite Four and/or Champion of each region (haven't decided which to include yet), giving a grand total of about 65 Pokemon to choose from. The teams wouldn't be restricted to individual regions, so, for example, people selecting from the Kanto All Stars could challenge Unova (meaning Ultimate challenges are possible).

By way of an example, the Kanto All Stars 'options' would be:
Brock - Onix
Misty - Starmie
Lt. Surge - Raichu
Erika - Vileplume
Koga - Muk
Sabrina - Alakazam
Blaine - Rapidash
Giovanni - Rhydon
Lorelei - Dewgong
Bruno - Machamp
Agatha - Gengar
Lance - Dragonite
Green/Blue - Venusaur/Charizard/Blastoise (1 only)

Sorry if this doesn't make much sense... I haven't 'proposed' a challenge before! Just thinking about ideas for challenges I'd like to do!
I'd love to hear people's thoughts on this - I might be inspired to make a challenge!
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