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I would love to see a Light type introduced, 'cause honestly... there's no weakness to Ghost/Dark type Pokémon like Spiritomb and Sableye. Unless a Pokémon uses Foresight, Lock-on or Odor Sleuth on those Pokémon... it's impossible to deal Super Effective damage to those Pokémon.

So I think it's about time Generation VI introduced a Light type. 'Cause you think about it... a light bulb lights up a room, which means light defeats Dark. And plus... Ghosts like to hang out in dark areas, so they hate light. Same would apply if there was a Light type, which would mean X4 the damage done if a Light type attack was used against Spiritomb or Sableye. Every Pokémon has to have weakness, but those are the only Pokémon that don't, so it would have to be fair if a Light type was introduced.
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