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Quote originally posted by vaporeon7:
So apparently the challenges section was added to the profile.


I guess my long post yesterday did the trick, lol

Quote originally posted by NecrumWarrior:
So apparently we all need to hurry and finish our Ultimate challenges now. Cause once 6th gen is out, we're gonna have yet another game to add to the requirements. XD

And awesome! We got a place for challenges!

It's gonna suck for me, I have to cram in all my ultimates before October-ish.

Quote originally posted by Sydian:
No, Swablu forever. XD If I remember right, I think InfernoRogue and I came up with that. Something about Challenges being a nest and me being Altaria and then all the challengers being Swablu. And thus that was born! You can't just make something a mascot, haha.

You should do Favorite Challenge, duh! :) ...When it's got its Gen VI version obviously.

Yeah, that was us. :3 Initially Syd posted on my challenge list in my blog, and talked about wrapping me in Swanna wings, then I said maybe Syd could be the Mantine and we were Remoraid, something like that. We finally settled on Swablu/Altaria, and I'm glad we did.

Quote originally posted by jdthebud:
Well, I still have no clue if the game will be possible to play on emulators, not like there are any 3DS emus out there. :/ Still it looks really cool.

Because of the release of these games, if there isn't one already, I'm sure people will get to working on them.

Quote originally posted by vaporeon7:
I don't like restarting my cartridge games though because I have a habit of completing them fully.

Also Flareon > Fennekin if we were having a fire mascot imo

Agreed about the Flareon until we see what Fennekin's evos look like.


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