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Title of the Story: (Unnamed thus far)
Fandom: Pokémon
Plot summary: A 15-year-old becomes a trainer and tries to find his role in life. Meanwhile, Ghetsis makes one final desperate grab for control of the Unova region, gathering the tools necessary for the completion of "Project G".
Genre: Action/Adventure
Rating: PG/PG-13
Type of mentor needed: Comprehensive
Writing sample of story: A flash of light signaled the release of the Pokéball’s lock, an Abra appearing from the whiteness with a small, annoyed noise. Then, its eyes began to open into narrow slits, blue energy crackling in its gaze. Its body flickered, as if made of static, and then vanished into the air, leaving naught but an empty ball and a patch of grass.

With a groan, Rex trudged forward to retrieve the capture device, his partner Rascal skipping to keep up with his trainer’s longer strides. The Eevee nuzzled against its companion’s leg encouragingly as the boy stooped to pick up the Pokéball, his tail thumping against the top of his trainer’s shoe. Noticing his friend’s attempts at trying to cheer him up, Rex gave it a weary smile. "I guess it's not as easy as I thought to catch Pokémon, huh?"

He sat down at his Pokémon's side, blades of grass wilting underneath him. Rascal scampered up to his trainer, hopping into his lap and purring softly. "I guess we can take a break now,” Rex agreed, scratching behind Rascal’s ears almost absent-mindedly, the small Pokémon tail waggling even faster than before. “Maybe we'll get lucky after lunch."