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Originally Posted by MattyJ View Post
Just a quick question, what are people's thoughts on an 'All Star' Challenge (and, does anyone know if this has been done before)?

This challenge would involve players selecting a team of up to six Pokemon out of a certain category. Each category would be made up of 8-13 Pokemon (to give challengers a bit of a selection), and contain the signature Pokemon of the Gym Leaders and/or Elite Four and/or Champion of each region (haven't decided which to include yet), giving a grand total of about 65 Pokemon to choose from. The teams wouldn't be restricted to individual regions, so, for example, people selecting from the Kanto All Stars could challenge Unova (meaning Ultimate challenges are possible).
Interesting concept. It's generally a good idea to have each category be a set of guidelines though, rather than explicitly giving a selection of Pokemon. Take my Vault Hunter's challenge for example. I give a set of requirements that a Pokemon should meet in order to fill a certain role on the team. This allows people to get creative and give them more options for Pokemon (or at least make them feel like there's more options).
Originally Posted by Dr. Slavic View Post
As for me, with Pokemon X and Y coming out, I wanted to create a challenge, where you go through a game/games using either an X team or a Y team, and the Pokemon would be based on body shape (Metagross - X, Porygon-Z - Y), designs on the Pokemon (Drifblim - X, Beeheeyem - Y), or gender chromosomes (Nidoqueen - X, Nidoking - Y). Before I posted anything, I wanted to know if anyone would be interested in it.
That's pretty cool too. I feel like the Gender one is just Gender discrimination though. But the Body shape one is definitely an idea. :D


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