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As for me, with Pokemon X and Y coming out, I wanted to create a challenge, where you go through a game/games using either an X team or a Y team, and the Pokemon would be based on body shape (Metagross - X, Porygon-Z - Y), designs on the Pokemon (Drifblim - X, Beeheeyem - Y), or gender chromosomes (Nidoqueen - X, Nidoking - Y). Before I posted anything, I wanted to know if anyone would be interested in it.
I love this idea! :) And even though someone mentioned Gender Discrimination challenge, I don't think that would really interfere with it if you allowed the male/female thing. Perhaps allowing a mixture of body type and chromosomal? I think that'd be awesome.

Yeah, that was us. :3 Initially Syd posted on my challenge list in my blog, and talked about wrapping me in Swanna wings, then I said maybe Syd could be the Mantine and we were Remoraid, something like that. We finally settled on Swablu/Altaria, and I'm glad we did.
<3 !

So am I! Swablu/Altaria just...fits! XD

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