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Originally Posted by Lapras* View Post
I don't think he was Zoroark, I think that Gamefreak just wanted something other than N himself to lead you to him, however this was kind of a bad idea considering that they included N's Zorua in the storyline, so did he just abandon his Zorua for this new Zoroark? And what about the Zoroark he used in the climax of BW? Was that the same Zoroark here, and why did he leave his first Zorua in the hands of Team Plasma?
I drew the same conclusion that it was his Zoroark from the final battle in B/W. However, at the same time, he doesn't use it in any battles in B2/W2. This begs curiosity. The Zoroark vanishes into the castle and is never seen again.

That's really where the entire theory starts, and then pieces started getting glued together by those interested in the theory. Parts make sense, but others don't. The Zoroark appearing for the Memory Link flashback in Driftveil really draws questions as the house is, afterwards, entirely empty (and the Zoroark has vanished again); when you later return, it's full as always. Was it the memories of the Zoroark? After all, N hasn't appeared in the game by this point (depending on when you trigger it). I believe it's the same Zoroark that appears at Driftveil. Since I can conclude this Zoroark is not N, the Zoroark by N's Castle also isn't. However, where did it go?

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