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I don't see it happening. It'd confuse the system beyond belief very easily. (And then why wouldn't previous gen Pokemon not become triple type themselves? If they did, it'd break the established canon of that Pokemon being so-and-so (fine in 2nd gen, less so as a sudden addition in 6th gen). If they didn't, either most of the 6th gen Pokemon are triple or hardly any are, making it seem an out-of-place gimmick). Plus Pokemon has always been primarily aimed at kids. Why muddle the system and make it harder to grasp for the target audience? 'Water beats Fire, Flying beats Grass, and Ghost against a Dark/Psychic/Ghost type is... uh...'

Plus, the type system is fine as it is. Allowing triple types could throw that out of whack, so there's risk with something that possibly won't offer much. As said above abilities can offer possibilities too without such problems.
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