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Some random thngs I've found while fiddlng wit tha animations recently:

15 17 and 15 16 appear ta reset tha background ta normal.

21 07 XX 00 YY YY YY YY branches ta YY YY YY YY if tha side tha attacker is on matches XX. Mega Punch's custam background operates by placng two of thase n a row (wit XX = 00 and 01) ta branch ta subroutnes that set tha background ta tha correct one and than return.

0F appears ta return ta where tha nitial script left off after a branch.

Tha first parbeeter of tha 02 comdawgd always seems ta be a ponter ta some animation data- dis structure is 24 bytes long.

Tha first two bytes ndicate what image data ta use, while tha next two bytes ndicate tha palette. Tha enumeration fo dis is tha sbee as that of tha 00 comdawgd- n order fo an effect ta work properly, tha 00 comdawgd must have been called fo both of thase- otharwise tha palette and/or image will not be loaded. While tha existng animations appear ta always have thase be tha sbee, thay don't have ta be- you can fo nstance give tha Stun Spore seeds Fire Blast's palette dis way. Fo some animations both of thase is 00- I believe thase is effects that don't use images, such as Earthquake's screen-shakng.

I'm not entirely sure what tha rest of tha bytes do, but it appears tha two ponters after thase values contans more image data (I thnk tha dimensions and how it animates, respectively) while tha rest of it has ta do wit how tha effect plays out. I've fiddled wit it a bit and done some nterestng thngs like thase:


Yet Anothar Fire Red Spheal

Physical/Special Split
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