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Originally Posted by State View Post
So I've looked through this thread and a few LPs, and I can't figure out how to fix this:
In that room in the Ruins of Alph where the voice talked to me (that worked), when I step on the grey tile, nothing happens. Is there something I was supposed to do beforehand or is there a way to get around this?
(I finished the Rocket Event at Radio Tower and I know I don't have to solve all the puzzles.)
That must be the problem of your ROM as nothing happened with me when I stepped on it. (Just checked it)

Originally Posted by Sirona View Post
Great to see this being continued! Question, though--is the game supposed to be a mix of gibberish, English, and...(Portuguese? Spanish? Just guessing, I'm not sure).

I didn't continue past the Player gender selection because I wasn't sure how much of the game might be screwed up, if it's a patch issue, or if it's just meant to be like that atm--but most of Oak's conversation was in gibberish or not-English, along with the option to pick Male or Female. Is this just bugged atm, or what?

If so, is the rest of the game fine atm?

It's showing the same both on the Android GBA emulator as well as the one linked in the OP.

Edit: So far the PC options and menu are showing up as gibberish as well, so it's pretty unplayable a
How are you getting this weird problem. The game is 100 % English in all features. Your ROM or patching might have done that.
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