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Originally Posted by churchey View Post
Any idea where I can find a king's rock?

Ran into what I think is a bug in Mount Starlight. Got in, broke down the rocks, get the HM, use the HM, continue on. The girl who gave me the HM talks to me again and says she is going ahead to clear the path since I don't have strength yet. I went up instead of right and headed outside until I got the message "not the right way" and then turned around.

A ways in, I ran into a pair of boulders I can't move. Turning around to go back the way I came and the boulders that were moved before (presumably by the girl) are also blocking my path, so I can't find a way out of the cave. I'm pretty sure I'm not missing anything and I've run through it a few times searching the different pathways. This could be a problem with savestates perhaps, because I do use them pretty extensively (in this case, to get a metang). Reloading from before I entered and trying again but is this a known problem?
Have you battled the grunts inside the cave. Or maybe as you are stucked the only way now is to white out..