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why latios can't learn calm mind? ice beam? using tutors. anyways is soul dew obtainable in-game? was looking forward to change alakazam w/ latios. oh well i guess back to alakazam: thunderbolt, ice beam, calm mind and psychic.

EDIT1: anyways what legendaries are obtainable so far in 3.3? and is there an updated walkthrough?
EDIT2: lastly, can someone tell me where's the granny/granpa (granpa i think) that tells u the IV's of pokemon. not that i care much bout IV's. forgot the location. im just the type of person who wants to recall things once i forgot it. XD
EDIT3: found it. in national park. haha the only location i didnt considered XD

EDIT4: lol even jirachi can't learn calm mind in tutor?

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