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When I think of stand-up comedy I tend to think of local comedians and then Australian comedians first, since they're the ones I am exposed to in some shape or form most often, usually through television. I won't bother to mention any names here, as they are beyond under the radar and are more or less insignificant in the big wide world of stand-up comedy. Buuuuuttt, my all-time favorites have gotta be Joan Rivers and Kathy Griffin. At least, those were the first two who came to mind when I saw this thread. They've essentially got the same schtick, yes, but Joan Rivers has about three millennia of experience on Kathy herself, plus E! Channel more or less dances to Joan's every whim. I love them both! Truly funny people imo

Would I ever perform stand-up comedy myself? Haha, okay, goodbye, seeya later.
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