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Originally Posted by Monarch View Post
Hey johnny,

BP or CP: BP
Species: Skorupi
Name: Earl
Shiny: Yes plox
Nature: Jolly
IVs: Flawless
Ability: Sniper
Eggmoves: Any
Ball: MASTER or any
Redistribution Right: Fully plox
I finish your BP. Just talk to me on the chatroom and we will trade


#451: Earl (Skorupi) l l l Level: 1
OT: Solares l SoulSilver l ID: 01020
Nature: Jolly l Ability: Sniper
IV: 31/31/31/2/31/31
EV: Untrained
Moves: Poison Sting - Leer - Agility - Night Slash
Availability: 4th/5th Gen
Monarch's BP l Fully-Redis
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