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Originally Posted by DaSpirit View Post
Luka S.J., you are emphasizing it. Real 3D isn't hard to achieve. It's simply Matrix Algebra - and the GPU does it all for you anyway. Either way, all you need to do is a slight downward projection and some arrays for models and you're done. If you're doing 2.5d all you need to do is calculate the angle of the camera and apply it to the stack. Have you seen these?

I didn't mean to advertise but it's "real" 3D and I programmed it. Using character models will actually make my code shorter and easier to understand. It's not hard. A 3D battle engine will not be any different either. AND I intend to give away the source code for free when I'm done with the engine.
I have been following on your game engine, and I know that you use 3D models which are then displayed on the map (xAlien makes those houses). That wasn't my point. Also, that is not what I'm referring to when I say "real 3D", when I say "real 3D", I'm talking about the parallax barrier autostereoscopy display the 3DS utilizes, and allows for stunning glasses-free 3D. Your engine, while it is impressive, is nowhere near that. Your engine resembles what the map scene in B/W looks like - we're one year behind that, and GameFreak took it up several notches. I'm saying that there is no point to try to emulate that stage, the 3DS one. As I said before, it is too much work for a fangame. If I was doing things like that, I'd invest my time and effort into a lucrative game.

Originally Posted by Maruno View Post
I don't think anyone wants to try to emulate the optical illusion that the 3DS does (the so-called "real" 3D Luka was talking about). You could try some variety of 3D glasses if you wanted. It's still beyond pointless, though.
That is exactly what I'm talking about. There will be people de-vamping the tiles, which is also pointless though, as it takes away from the 6th gen experience. I'm saying that people who want to overhaul their games now that the new gen has been showcased, would just be wasting their time. GameFreak passed the point where we try to emulate the experience of playing the official games. I honestly don't think that going for the "gen 6 look" would be a good idea. Why not just enjoy the game when it comes out, and do one's own thing in the meanwhile?
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