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Elite 4 Completed!!

-After some MAJOR grinding and a few attempts, my team FINALLY beat the Elite 4!! (:
-Lorelei was fairly easy since I had Guppie. He was MVP for this battle. (:
-Battling Bruno was also fairly easy... Once again, Guppie proved himself. Subsequently, he was also MVP.
-Agatha... was a pain in the ass. D: Guppie was useful since he had moves that could hit the ghosts... And hypnosis was helpful. Baxter also shone through a bit... But his Special stat was abysmal. So there's that...
-Lance. Oh Lance. Lance Crackers. Ice Beam saved my fannie for this one!

Over all, Guppie was my main guy. Everyone else just kind of acted as support and a scapegoat when I needed to switch or heal.


Poliwrath (Guppie) - Lvl. 64
-Ice Beam
-Body Slam

Primeape (Apple) - Lvl. 59
-Karate Chop

Hitmonchan (Baxter) - Lvl. 57
-Mega Punch
-Fire Punch
-Ice Punch

Machoke (Clay) - Lvl. 54
-Karate Chop
-Low Kick
-Seismic Toss

-Yellow Complete!! I've decided I'm going to do an Ultimate Run. ^-^; HeartGold next!!



Working on HeartGold!