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Quote originally posted by masaru3:
The way I picture Aereon (lol, flying eevee) is it having ears that are wings as well. If this eeveelution is made I hope they don't "birdify" it too much.

I'd love to see a poison type eevee. Or Ghost. Or ground.

I believe we'll be getting a new evolution, I mean, it's an evolution on pokémon games, we need an eeveelution as well. (Or two or three =D)
As for which type I think it will be... Hmmm... Steel or Flying. Or they could make a Normal eeveelution, which would certainly surprise us :P

Look at this image inside the spoiler

By the color of that symbol, I'll say it might be flying or steel.
It was confirmed that the end character represents Espeon, not the bow.

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